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Can you name the 3OA3 Organic Solvents?

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ReactionSolventNeed a lifeline?
Grignardit's explosive...
Ketone + TMSCl with Et3N___ and the temperature?
WittigMcNulty's favorite refluxer
Homo Aldol_____ or ______ in methanol
Henry Reaction (This one is hard)ketone + CH3-NO2 -> CH2=CH(NO2)
Enol-ether with CH3IYeah there's THF but what else?
Palladium catalyzed reactions with baseprobably your favorite solvent by now
Claisen Condensation (acylation)produces 1,3 dicarbonyl
Aromatic + POCl3creates a benzaldehyde
Most [2 + 2] cycloadditions require this to proceedthis one could be tricky...
[4 + 2] CycloadditionCondition that works with toluene

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