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Link-plan=more litigationDA's
acronym for vocational trainingPlan Areas
Cap K but differentK's
Remove corporate influence from schoolsPlan Areas
leadership, unipolarity etc.Impacts
Funding optional, to promote innovationCP's
Better economy than othersInternal Links
Money to invididuals instead of schoolsPlan/CP Mechanisms
Bill Gates does the planCP's
Biggest CP on topicCP's
wag the dogDA's
perception of the courtDA's
Congress backlash to CourtDA's
pell grants, community learning centersDA's
Federal ReserveDA's
Fiscal DisciplineDA's
State power goodDA's
Debt Ceiling, aca repeal, infrastructureDA's
Schools badK's
Explicitly analyzing race is goodK's
Lacan, Zizek, McGowanK's
Wilderson, Sexton, HartmanK's
post-structural, surrealist, transgressionK's
post-structural, desire, becomingK's
Rodriguez vs San AntonioPlan Areas
Plan causes a bad deal to ensure it passesDA's
post-structural, governmentalityK's
BIEPlan Areas
jenny mccarthy bad Plan Areas
interpret least restrictive environmentPlan Areas
Reducing desegregationPlan Mechanisms
the observed, persistent disparity in measures of educational performance among subgroupsInternal Links
the main body or stalk of a plant or shrubinternal link
Convention on the Elimination of Racial DiscriminationPlan Areas
ESEA Plan Areas
Using exemption as leverageCP's
post-structural, simulation, hyper-realK's
algorithmic society K's
agonism, will to power K's
the artist's philosopherK's
Wun Connie, Maisha Winn, Alexis Pauline GumbsK's
Grimm vs GloucesterPlan Areas
Travel Ban, Wisconsin voting, wedding cakesDA's
Title IXCurriculum
student lottery transparencyPlan Areas
NutritionPlan Areas
AFF from the West WingPlan Areas
Stephen HawkingCurriculum
ICEPlan Area
James HansenCurriculum
school busingPlan Areas
SRO'sPlan Areas
Zelman v. HarrisPlan Areas
Dylan RodriguezK's
UDLPlan Areas
STEM tradeoffDA's
minority group whose members are perceived to achieve a higher degree of socioeconomic success than the population averageK's
NLISAAPlan Areas
a fundamental right of autonomy Plan Areas
Fritz HaberCurriculum
No Promo HomoCurriculum
Eve Tuck, Patrick Wolfe, Sandy GrandeK's

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