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How old is Nicolas Flamel?
Where would you find a bezoar?
Azkaban is located in the middle of the ? Sea
Where is the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets located?
Who lived 2 streets away from Harry's house on the Privet drive?
Who raised and cared for Aragog?
Who's robe caught fire during the quidditch match?
James Potter's Patronus is a ?
What is the name of Neville's toad?
Who was only third year staying behind during the first Hogsmead trip?
What finishes a boggart?
What was Ravenclaw's first name? (the founder of Ravenclaw house)
Symbol of Slytherin House?
When the boggart saw Lupin, it changed into a ?
Who said, 'Gran, I've lost my toad again.'
What is the name of Hagrid's (one headed) dog?
Who was Padfoot?
Ron's greatest fear
What is known as the King of Serpents?
What school did Harry get accepted in before Hogwarts?
What is the name of Ron's sister?
How did the first years travel to the Hogwarts castle from the Hogsmeade train station?
Professor Snape favoured which student?
Who destroyed the horcrux in the ring?

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