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CBD stand for this...
this represents the minimal number of customers needed for a business to stay viable
this represents a maximium distance customers will travel to a business
E.W. Burges created this model
Homer hoyt created this model
C.D. Harris and E.L. Ullman created this model
in this model, people with the same ethnic or racial backround will live near each other
in this model, a family with less income will not live near a family will a greater income
in this model, a person who rents a house will most likely live near the center of the city
in this city, weathy inhabitants will live near the center of the city
a favela is an example of this
the subdivizion of houses by lower-income people is known as...
a low income neigborhood may be subject to _ by a bank
this process is when a blighted neighborhood is cleared and turned over to private developers
this process is when the government takes control of an area, compensates the original owner, and uses the land to provide for the better usage of the nation as a whole
this process is when middle class individuals move into deteriorated areas
a person who pays 30% of their income for rent usually lives in _
inner city residents are refered to as _
unwed mother give birth to _% of babies in inner-city neighborhoods
essential cities and the surounding suburbs are called _

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