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QUIZ: Can you name the Persian Empire?

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Modern CountryPesian Province
 Persia, Sagartia, Parthia, Drangiana, Media, Elam, Archosia, Chorasmia
 Skudra, Cappadocia, Lydia, Caria, Cilicia, Armenia, Syria, Assyria
 Sind, Gandhara, Archosia
 Arabia, Babylonia
 Elam, Babylonia, Assyria
 Nubia Vassal State
Modern CountryPesian Province
 Arabia, Syria
 Macedon Vassel State
 Colchis Vassal State
 Colchis Vassel State
 Parthia, Chorasmia, Scythian Vassal State
 Sogdiana, Baktria
 Baktria, Aria
 Baktria, Aria

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