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AnagramTitleLetter Count + Genre
Fat Sly Fan Ian5, 7 RPG
Big Arena5, 3 Other
Decent Pie9 Classic
Accordion Baths5, 9 Platformer
Rip My Aorta5, 5 Party
No Spank Poem7, 4 Other
Godfather Taunt5, 5, 4 Action Shooter
Map Can3-3 Classic
A Telegram5, 4 Stealth
Weenie Perms11 Puzzle
AnagramTitleLetter Count + Genre
Dockyard Dinging5, 4, 6 Racing
Karma Tomb Lot6, 6 Fighter
Maid Robert4, 6 Action
My Axe Nap3, 5 3rd Person Shooter
Register Theft6, 7 Fighter
Poser5 Simulation
Satanic Veal11 Action Platformer
Chuck Toucher3, 3, 6 Puzzle
Go as We Frag5, 2, 3 3rd Person Shooter
My Lacy Diver5, 3, 3 Action

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