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Can you name the forgotten, disputed and would-be English monarchs?

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DescriptionNameActual or putative reign
Eldest son of William I, passed over in favour of a younger brother1087 – 1134
Heir Presumptive of Henry I, lost throne to a cousin during the Anarchy1135 – 1167
Appointed co-monarch by King Stephen, not recognised by the church 1152 – 1153
Surviving son of Stephen, passed over in favour of Henry Curtmantle1154 – 1159
Appointed co-monarch by father, but pre-deceased him1170 – 1183
Offered the throne by English nobles and proclaimed (but not crowned) king in St Paul’s London 1216 – 1217
Brother of Edward IV (Edward is rumoured to have been conceived illegitimately)1461 – 1478
Heir Presumptive of Edward VI, lost throne to cousin MaryJuly 1553
King of England jure uxoris, lost throne legally at the death of his co-monarch1554 – 1559
Considered rightful monarch by Catholic nobles in favour of Elizabeth I 1559 – 1587
Jacobite pretender to the throne, failed in 1745 uprising 1720 – 1788

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