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Name the second party in these overly long wars

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Forced Order
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Combatant 1Combatant 2Background information
Persia499BC-1902; 'only' half a century at war, but diplomatic relations did not resume until 1902
Rome264BC-1985; 120 yrs of war ended in annihilation of '2', peace treaty signed by the mayors
Taromak tribe (Taiwan)1623-ongoing; '2' declared war after invading Taiwan, expelled after 39 yrs, no peace treaty
Dutch Republic1651-1986; '1' declared war in passing, no shots fired, forgot about until 1986
Hu├ęscar (Spain) 1809-1981; '1' declared war over stranded Spanish soldiers in Napoleonic wars
Town Line NY1861-1946; '1' chose to join the wrong side but that was ignored until 1946
Montenegro1904-2006; '1' declared war to support neighbouring country, saw virtually no action
Germany1914-1958; '2' joined the allies, but was not invited to the Paris Peace Conference
Costa Rica1918-1945; dispute over government legality caused '1' to be absent from Versailles Treaty

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