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First three things in the sequenceFourthConnection
Buenos Aires - Montevideo - Canberra
Abe - Agnes - Apu
Clickable 1-100 mines - Countries of the world - Counties of Europe
Mandarin - Spanish - English
Anne - Charles - Edward
Roentgenium (1901) - Curium (1903) - Rutherfordium (1908)
Seth - Adam - Jared
I Bergman - J Nicholson - M Streep
(2014) Real Madrid - FC Barcelona - Manchester United
B Springsteen - E Presley - Jay-Z
(in UK) 5: Nicaragua - 4: El Salvador - 3: Panama
How the Grinch Stole Christmas - The Cat in the Hat - Horton Hears a Who
HHR (Hawthorne) - IHR (Iranshahr) - KHR (Kharkhorin)
Saturn (62) - Uranus (27) - Neptune (14)
Columbia - Brown - Dartmouth

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