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Scientific nameCommon nameClue
Cygnus cygnusEuropean bird - wingspan over 2 m (6 ft)
Huso husoAnadromous fish, heavily fished for its economic value
Papio papioRed-brown old world monkey
Apus apusSmall migratory bird, never voluntarily on the ground
Lemmus lemmusSmall mammal, common in Scandinavia
Bufo bufoAmphibian in Europe and northern Asia
Bison bisonCome on ...
Hippocampus hippocampusFish, shaped like part of the human brain (Mediterranean and north Atlantic)
Ensifera ensiferaSouth american bird with a bill longer than its body
Cerastes cerastesVenomous reptile from north Africa
Scientific nameCommon nameClue
Vulpes vulpesCarnivorous mammal across whole northern hemisphere
Solea soleaShallow water fish of north-eastern Atlantic
Macrophyllum macrophyllumInsectivorous mammal, hunts over water
Buteo buteoMedium large bird-of-prey, Europe and NW Asia
Cricetus cricetusNocturnal rodent, up to 35 cm (14') long
Pollachius pollachiusAtlantic fish, considered cheap alternative to cod
Naja najaVenomous asian reptile
Hippoglossus hippoglossusLargest flatfish - up to 4.5 m (15 ft)
Meles melesBlack & white nocturnal mammal, hibernates
Casuarius casuariusBlack bird with blue face - Australia and Indonesia

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