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Italian film director and screenwriter, La Dolce Vita (1920 – 1993)
German war criminal, Governor General of Nazi occupied Poland in WWII (1900 – 1946)
French château where Napoleon abdicated before his exile to Elba
Dutch painter, pupil of Rembrandt, famous works: A View of Delft (1652), The Goldfinch (1654)
City on the Arno, known for the ‘de Medici’ family, the Uffizi Museum and the Ponte Vecchio
Treaty of 1720, ending Great Northern War between Sweden and Denmark–Norway.
Captain of HMS Beagle during Darwin’s voyage; has a shipping forecast area named after him
Also known as the ‘War of 1870’, struggle for power on the European Continent
Nickname of early Italian Renaissance painter, known for a.o. “Annunciation of Cortona” (1395 – 1455)
Former Royal castle in England, place of execution of Mary Queen of Scots (1587)
Portuguese town where Maria was said to have appeared to three children in 1917
Italian friar born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone, founder of the Order of Friars Minor (Lesser Brothers)
Autonomous Grand Duchy in the Russian Empire from 1809, gained independence in 1917
Norse goddess of wisdom, generally considered the wife of Odin
Cape that formed the western ‘end of the world’ for the Roman Empire
King of Prussia (1740 – 1786), patron of the arts and the Enlightenment, victorious in the Seven Years' War
Austrian Emperor at the start of WWI, reigned from 1848 to 1916
Germanic people, inhabited the North Sea coast of Germany and the Netherlands since 6th c. BC
Italian mathematician, popularized the Hindu–Arabic numeral system (1175 – c. 1250)
Cantilever railway bridge near Edinburgh, UNESCO World Heritage Site

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