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Can you name the European history terms starting with 'D'?

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City where the 1916 Easter Rising took place
Jewish French army officer, his imprisonment for treason led Emile Zola to write “J’accuse”
North-east border of the Roman Empire, separating Illyricum from Dacia
Portuguese explorer, first European to reach the Cape of Good Hope in 1488
Early Renaissance sculptor from Florence (c. 1386 – 1466)
Original (Danish) Christian name of Empress Maria Feodorovna, wife of Tsar Alexander III
Revolt of Bohemian nobles against the Hapsburgs in 1618, with 2 regents being thrown from a window
Predominant type of battleship in the early 20th c. with all-big-gun heavy caliber armament
Operation to land allied troops in Southern France (August 1944)
Elected ruler in various medieval Italian city-states, most famously Venice
Flemish Baroque artist, leading court painter for Charles I of England (1599 –1641)
First Nobel Peace prize laureate, founder of International Committee of the Red Cross
Reformist communist Slovak politician, forced to resign after the ‘Prague Spring’
German city, former capital and royal residence for the Electors and Kings of Saxony
Genoese admiral (1466 – 1560) and Italian passenger ship sunk after a collision off Massachusetts in 1957
King of Scotland nicknamed ‘the diseased’, cousin and predecessor of Macbeth
Austrian Chancellor, shut down parliament, banned the Nazi party and assumed dictatorial powers in 1933
Writer, essayist, journalist and editor, best known for Crime and Punishment (1821–1881)
German admiral, Head of State for several days after Hitler's death in 1945
Favourite of Edward II of England, hung drawn and quartered in 1326

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