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QUIZ: Can you name the consorts of English/ British monarchs?

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MonarchConsortYears as Consort
William I1066- 1083
Henry I1100- 1118
Henry I1121- 1135
Stephen1135- 1152
Henry II1154- 1189
Richard I1191- 1199
John1200- 1216
Henry III1236- 1272
Edward I1272- 1290
Edward I1299- 1307
Edward II1308- 1327
Edward III1328- 1369
Richard II1383- 1394
Richard II1396- 1399
Henry IV1403- 1413
Henry V1420- 1422
Henry VI1445- 1471
Edward IV1464- 1483
Richard III1483- 1485
Henry VII1486- 1503
MonarchConsortYears as Consort
Henry VIII1509- 1533
Henry VIII1533- 1536
Henry VIII1536- 1537
Henry VIII1540
Henry VIII1540- 1541
Henry VIII1543- 1547
James I1603- 1619
Charles I1625- 1649
Charles II1662- 1685
James II1685- 1689
Anne1702- 1707
George II1727- 1737
George III1761- 1818
George IV1820- 1821
William IV1830- 1837
Victoria1840- 1861
Edward VII1901- 1910
George V1910- 1936
George VI1936- 1952
Elizabeth II1952- Present

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