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Can you name the British scientists based on their work?

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Naturalist who pioneered the theory of evolution and natural selection1809-1882
Physicist and mathematician, most famous for work on the laws of motion and the universal law of gravitation1643-1727
Discovered electromagnetic induction and electrolysis1791-1867
Together with James Watson, discovered the double helix structure of DNA1916-2004
Determined absolute zero to be -273.15 celsius1824-1907
Computer scientist who invented the world wide web1955-
Predicted the existence of a boson as part of a theory of the origins of mass1929-
Theoretical physicist famous for predicting that black holes emit radiation1942-2018
'Father of immunology' who invented the smallpox vaccine1749-1823
Physicist whose set of equations unified field of electricity, magnetism and optics1831-1879
Credited with the discovery of the electron1856-1940
Discovered the planet Uranus as well as several moons of the solar system1738-1822
Created the concept of a programmable computer1791-1871
Discovered the neutron and led the British scientists working on the Manhattan Project1891-1974
Awarded Nobel prize for advancing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)1933-
Unit of energy is named after him1818-1889
X-ray diffraction work led to the discovery of the structure of DNA1920-1958
Theorized the nuclear structure of the atom and discovered the proton1871-1927

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