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The most significant character or force that opposes the protagonist
The moment of greatest intensity in a story
The attitude toward a subject conveyed in a literary work
An association or additional meaning that a word, image, or phrase may carry, apart from its literal meaning
Techniques a writer uses to create, reveal, or develop the characters
The technique of arranging events and information in such a way that later events are prepared for, or shadowed, beforehand
A story in which the narrator is a participant in the action
The central character in a literary work
A generally recurring subject or idea conspicuously evident in a lterary work
The resolution or conclusion of a literay work
A moment of insight, discovery, or revelation by which a character's life is greatly altered
A statement that at first strikes one as self-contradictory, but that on reflection reveals some deeper sense
The time and place of a literary work
A.K.A. all-knowing narrator, narrator who has the ability to move freely through the consciousness of any character
A literay device in which a descrepancy of meaning is masked beneath the surface of language
A statement that one this is something else

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