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QUIZ: Can you name the unusual objects used as murder weapons in these movies (may contain spoilers)?

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A Clockwork OrangeAlex De Large/Cat Lady
The Wizard of OzDorothy Gale/Wicked Witch of the West
Shoot 'em UpSmith/Henchman
There Will Be BloodDaniel Plainview/Eli Sunday
SawAdam Stanheight/Zepp
Die Hard 2John McClane/Random terrorist
The Godfather Part IIICalò/Don Lucchesi
MiseryPaul Sheldon/Annie Wilkes
IrréversiblePierre/Marcus's attacker
Single White FemaleHedy Carlson/Sam Jones
The Glimmer ManJack Cole/Five mobsters at once
FrenzyBob Rusk/Brenda
Grand HotelPreysing/The Baron
ScreamGhostface/Tatum Riley
The Dark KnightThe Joker/Large black mobster
DaredevilBullseye/Old woman
Black ChristmasBilly/Clare
Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2Ricky Caldwell/Chip
No Country for Old MenAnton Chigurh/Deputy
Peeping TomMark Lewis/Call girls
GoldfingerOddjob/Jill Masterson
GremlinsGremlins/Mrs. Deagle
The Talented Mr. RipleyTom Ripley/Dickie Greenblatt
GoldenEyeXenia Onatopp/Chuck Farrel

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