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‘Treaty of Perpetual Peace’ – Treaty of London
League of Cognac
Henry crowned. Married Catherine of Aragon. League of Cambrai
Cromwell arranged a marriage alliance with Anne of Cleves to secure Protestant allies should there be a crusade.
Attempted invasion of France. 12,000 go to Gascony. Spanish troops do not arrive
‘Ten Year Peace’ between France and the Holy Roman Empire, supported by the Pope increased likelihood of a Catholic Crusade against England. Scotland was also prepared to suppo
Planned 4-prong attack on Northern France. Only England sends troops. Capture of Therouanne and Tournai. Battle of the Spurs.
Treaty of Cambrai = Peace between France and Holy Roman Empire
Treaty of Camp - Peace with France. Henry allowed to keep Boulogne for 8 years.
French counter-invasion of the Isle of White. Mary Rose is sunk. Henry spends £130,000 defending Boulogne
Treaty of Bruges
Renewed Treaty of Etaples
Louis XII marries Henry’s sister Mary
Ferdinand dies – replaced by Charles I. Spain and France alliance – Treaty of Noyon
Retaliation against Scotland – Earl of Hertford oversees the ‘burning of Edinburgh’ . Little was achieved other than revenge. Franco-Scottish Alliance is made stronger
10,000 troops under command of Suffolk get within 50 miles of Paris. BUT Treaty of Bruge collapses and bad weather forces a retreat.
Treaty of Greenwich between England and Scotland. Scotland agree to marriage of Edward Tudor and Mary Stewart (Queen of Scots) – Regent Arran was not true to his word.
Death of Louis XII. Francis I new king of France. French victory at the Battle of Marignano. France capture Milan, Margaret Tudor forced from Scotland.
England declares war on France
Henry arranges to meet with James V in York – James does not turn up
Henry secures a peace treaty with Charles V (HRE) – both agreed to invade France in 1543
Maximillian I dies – replaced by Charles V as Emperor (He is also Charles I of Spain)
Establishment of the Holy League. Lord Darcy’s troops sent to Cadiz but not supported
Battle of Pavia. Francis I captured. Henry tries to raise tax to invade weakened France. Causes the Amicable Grant tax rebellion
Field of the Cloth of Gold

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