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It starts when _______ is invited to be Hand of the King
By his friend _______
Who is married to _______
Who is *very* close to her brother _______
Who defenestrates _______
Whose mother _______
Get miffed and kidnaps _______
Who is saved by _______
From nearly being de-mountained by _______
Whose husband _______
Served on the Small Council with creepy obsequious _______
Who spies and intrigues along with _____
Whose brothel employs a woman named _______
Who is patronized in the north by _______
Who is friends (in a hostage sort of way) with _______
Who goes to war against Papa Lannister _______
Who helped dethrone the delightfully insane _______
Whose daughter _______
Is sold by her brother _______
Who is given a magnificent gold crown by _______
Whose retinue includes the knight _______
Whose father _______
Commands the Nights Watch and is stewarded by _______
Whose little tomboy sister _______
Is given dancing lessons by _______
Who looks like Robert Downey Jr and is employed by _______

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