Television Quiz / Family Guy Road to the Multiverse Universes

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Can you name the various alternate universes Stewie and Brian visit?

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Hint OneUniverseHint Two
Muscular, genetically perfect pigsCome on, have a look at the Sistine Chapel
It's cheap and somehow lazyWant to get the rock out of here
I fart nowI laugh because he fart
The president's dog just had puppiesThere was a plane crash
Yeah, get comfortableI think we're gonna be here for a while
Okay, uh, Bill, you got those numbers?Okay, just leave them on my desk
It's a wonderful day for pieAnd it smells a lot better than I
How's it feel to be on a major network for 30 seconds[Bleep] you!
My God. This place looks terribleHe shot Mayor McCheese
Hint OneUniverseHint Two
Love it!Hate it!
Love it!Hate it!
Uh, Brian?This feels weird
Here comes an overweight cat with dollar signs for eyesand a hat that says 'Social Security'
I like your shirt!Thank you!
We did it! We're back!They got both of us!
I need a plastic bagHere's a thin napkin

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