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After the fact explanation'God healed me from cancer'
Attacking someone and using that as evidence that they are wrong - It's false because you're gay.
People I don't like accept this claim, therefore it's false
Applying standards to others but not to themselves and giving no justification for being exempt
One is like that, so all of the rest must be too
X is traditional, therefore it's better
X got a lot of attention, therefore all X's have its qualities
Conclusion from a sample that isn't large enough
Leaving the burden of proof to the other side
Assuming something is mutually exclusive - either X is true or Y is true, Y isn't true therefore X is true
A is flattered by B, therefore whatever B says is true
Unfavourable information about A is presented, making A false
X is true because if you accept it, then you'll win a million dollars X is true because if you don't accept it, you're going to hell I wish X was true, so it's true
X is a common action, therefore X is right
Circular reasoning - premises are just the claim/assumption that conclusion is trueX is true, the evidence is that it's true
Justifying an action by saying 'he would do the same to me'
X (some form of ridicule directed at claim) is presented, therefore the claim is false
Saying that the person is making the claim out of self interestHe's rich so that's false
Bargaining - the position in the middle must be correct
It's a personal attack. What more is there to say?
A occurs before B, therefore A causes B
X has occurred, therefore Y will inevitably happen 'We have to stop the tuition increase! The next thing you know, they'll be charging $40,000 a semester!'
P is presented with intent to create pity; therefore claim is truePlease accept that 1+1=46... I'm dyinggggggg ):
Person B asserts that A's actions or past claims are inconsistent with the truth of claim X.
Everyone likes X, therefore it's true
A presents something, B takes it out of proportion to make it false
A causes B because they're regularly connected, there are no other causes
X is happening for longer than usual, therefore it will stop happening soon
X makes you feel good, therefore it's true
Peer pressure substituted for evidence
Unlikely dramatic event occurs, therefore such events are likely to occur “You know why you shouldn’t fly in airplanes? 9/11.”
Changing the subject
Person A claims he is a legitimate authority on the subject, therefore he is right
X is presented with intent of generating spite, therefore claim is true/false
X is new, therefore it's better
A and B occur together, therefore A caused B
X is true for others, but not for me
Defect in origin of claim is evidence against the claim
Most people believe X, therefore X is true
The whole has these properties, so the components must be too.
Y is presented and induces fear, therefore X is true (even if it's not related to Y)
Conclusion is drawn from a biased sample.

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