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What is the name of Arthur's carpool service?
What is Lou's favorite video game?
What would Arthur name his boat?
What is the name of Carrie's female boss in the later seasons?
What book does Carrie's boss give her?
Where does Spence go to stop Denise's wedding?
What is Richie's nickname for Doug?
What book inspires Arthur to become a mentor?
What college does Arthur want to apply to, claiming that it has been named the #1 party school in America?
What did young Danny get after Carrie fell on him at camp?
When Doug had to repeat Kindergarten, what grade did his parents tell him he was in?
How many houses/apartments do Doug and Carrie buy throughout the series?
What is Arthur's cell phone number?
What instrument does Arthur offer lessons in, despite not knowing how to play?
What concert does a driver from IPS's rival company pretend to invite Doug to?
What state is Spence from?

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