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Carrie hires a Mexican woman to help with the housework, but Doug is not happy about it. What dessert does Carrie tell Doug the woman can make?
Deacon meets a very attractive stewardess. When he is telling Doug about it, what does he compare it to?
Besides steak, what would Doug eat if it was wrapped in bacon and cooked in butter?
What illegal item does Doug claim his 'downstairs wife' Holly can get for the UFC matchup?
Doug wins tickets to the NCAA Men's Final Four. Where is it held?
Which character met Carrie at a Church Camp when they were young?
What is Spence's favorite character on Star Trek?
Where did Doug's cousin hide the check that he gave D&C as a wedding gift?
What condiment makes Doug's Hot Dogs unique?
Arthur sees an Ad for a cereal he loved as a boy and orders a huge case. What was the cereal's name?
What is the name of the girl to whom Arthur lost his virginity?
Doug's sister Steph visits and drools over the menu at Cooper's. What 'perfect' dipping sauce comes with the Chicken Strips?
What NFL team does Doug's father root for?
What did Deacon replace gravy with when he created his namesake sandwich?
What Buffet item does Doug's Aunt Sheila offer to Arthur at D&C's anniversary?

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