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Arthur writes a play called Reconsidering Sandy. What role does he orignially intend for Lou?
Where did Doug propose to Carrie?
Doug tells Arthur that they are about to buy this so that Arthur will leave the house before the surprise party
What does Carrie write in the congratulatory card for Doug's boss' anniversary?
Holly stays with the family and temporarily becomes Doug's downstairs wife. Deacon tries to woo her away and says that she could be his:
Doug sets the record at IPS for most days without incident. Who held the record before him?
What toy does O'Boyle steal from Deacon
What do Carrie and Deacon use to lure Doug into a paintball ambush?
In an episode shorty before Thanksgiving, Doug thinks that Carrie is bringing home KFC. What restaurant does she actually go to?
What Broadway show do Janet and Arthur go to?
What movie does Carrie want to watch with Arthur while Doug is at his reunion?
What actor has become the Vice Principal of Doug's old High School?
What is the Mascot of Doug's High School?
What does Doug's dad hope to win at the train convention?
What invention do Spence and Arthur dream of?
Doug is conned into entering a pyramid scheme involving what product?
What is rule #1 at bartending school?
What nickname does Doug's bartending teacher give him?
What Prize was Arthur cheated out of when he appeared on a game show?
What is Arthur's secret ingredient to grilled burgers?

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