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In the episode 'Crappy Birthday' Doug almost forgets Carrie's Birthday dinner. What was he originally planning to do that night?
In 'Departure Time' Arthur tries to buy some gifts at the duty-free shop but does not have a plane ticket. Where does he pretend his flight is going?
What sweet treat does Doug's mom regularly make?
In 'Cello, goodbye' Carrie's boss often drives her home from work. What kind of car does her boss drive?
During Deacon and Kelly's first separation, Deacon lives with Spence, much to the confusion of Kirby. What does Spence say Kirby can think of him as?
Doug wants to buy a boat with the money he gets from flipping a house. What does he want to name the boat?
What Semi-Pro football team does Doug try out for?
What nickname did Doug's rival Sean McGee give him in middle school?
In the episode 'Multiple Plots' Doug delievers several times to a man who always answers the door wearing a towel. What is this man's profession?
What character from another show made several appearances on KOQ? (Give the character, not the actor)
What city has Carrie always wanted to visit?
What pet does Doug keep in his apartment in the episode 'Apartment Complex'
What Law School does Doug claim to have attended?
What game does Doug's mother excel at?
Carrie lies to Holly so that she can use Holly's van to go shopping. What store does she go to?

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