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Who is the author of Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie?
What is Spaceman Spiff's catch phrase?
Name the teacher who is rumored to have killed a kid for talking in class
What does Calvin say in the very last C&H panel ever written?
How much longer does Ms Wormwood plan on teaching?
If Calvin could lure Susie into the transmogrifier, what would he turn her into?
What is Calvin's principal's name?
Calvin thinks a better name for the 'Big Bang' would be:
Calvin claims that Hobbes ate a classmate who was teasing him. Name this classmate
Where will Ms Wormwood work once aliens take over the world?
What did Calvin use for bait in his tiger trap?
What is the name of the doll that Calvin kidnaps?
What kind of leaves does Susie suspect Calvin used to create the alien leaves?
Calvin steals Rosalyn's study notes for which subject?
What term does Calvin use for rocks?
Both C&H had suggestions for their club name before agreeing on GROSS. Name one of their ideas
Calvin's 'Emergency Pack' includes a map of what state?
According to the strip, when was America founded?
Who sits next to Susie when Stupendous Man comes to school?
What does Calvin give Susie for her birthday?
What injured baby animal does Calvin try to save?

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