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Can you name the 80's movies by the following lists of characters?

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Forced Order
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Joe Lazenby, Beth Jarrett, Calvin Jarrett
Teddy Duchamp, Billy Tessio, Gordie Lachance
Brad Hamilton, Linda Barrett, Jeff Spicoli
Jojo, Tim Travers, Kat Arujo
Dr. Emmett Brown, Jennifer Parker, George McFly
Penny Johnson, Dr. Jake Houseman, Johnny Castle
Diane Court, Corey Flood, Lloyd Dobler
Claire Standish, Brian Johnson, Richard Vernon
Rutherford, Joel Goodsen, Lana
Montgomery MacNeil, Coco Hernandez, Doris Finsecker
Wyatt Donnelly, Lord General, Lisa
Sloane Peterson, Ed Rooney, Cameron Frye
Blane McDonnagh, Ducky, Jack Walsh
Billy Hicks, Leslie Hunter, Dale Biberman
Prince Humperdinck, Buttercup, Miracle Max
Willard Hewitt, Ariel Moore, Ren McCormack
Long Duk Dong, Ginny Baker, Jake Ryan
Rufus, Ted Logan, Missy Preston

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