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Reign LengthAnswerNotes
9/18/1956-9/17/1966Baltimore Live Event
9/17/1966-9/30/1966Seattle Live Event
9/30/1966-3/10/1968Live Event
3/10/1968-4/2/1968Osaka Live Event
4/2/1968-2/2/1976Hamamatsu Live Event
2/2/1976-3/5/1976New York Live Event
3/5/1976-10/8/1978New York Live Event
10/8/1978-10/10/1978Dallas Live Event
10/10/1978-7/23/1984Fort Worth Live Event
7/23/1984-2/18/1985New York Brawl To end it All
2/18/1985-3/31/1985New York War To Settle The Score
3/31/1985-11/251985New York WrestleMania
11/25/1985-7/3/1986New York Live Event
Reign LengthAnswerNotes
 Sunrise Armageddon
1/31/2000-2/1/2000Pitssburgh Raw is War
2/1/2000-3/28/2000Detroit Smackdown
3/28/2000-8/21/2000San Antonio Smackdown
8/21/2000-10/31/2000Lafayette Raw is War
10/31/2000-4/1/2001Rochester Smackdown Fatal 4 Way
4/1/2001-11/1/2001Houston WrestleMania
11/18/2001-2/4/2002Greensboro Survivor Series Six Way Match
2/4/2002-5/13/2002Las Vegas Raw
5/13/2002-6/23/2002Toronto Raw
6/23/2002-9/22/2002Columbus King of the Ring
9/22/2002-11/17/2002Los Angeles Unforgiven
11/17/2002-3/30/2003New York Survivor Series Hardcore Match
3/30/2003-4/27/2003Seattle WrestleMania 3 Way Match
4/27/2003-6/30/2003Worchester Backlash
6/30/2003-7/28/2003Buffalo Raw
7/28/2003-2/23/2004Colorado Springs Raw
2/23/2004-6/13/2004Omaha Raw
Reign LengthAnswerNotes
6/13/2004-12/6/2004Columbus Bad Blood
12/6/2004-1/9/2005Charlotte Raw
1/9/2005-4/2/2006San Juan New Years Revolution
4/2/2006-8/14/2006Rosemont WrestleMania
8/14/2006-9/17/2006Charlottesville Raw
9/17/2006-9/18/2006Toronto Unforgiven
11/5/2006-11/26/2006Cincinnati Cyber Sunday
11/26/2006-2/19/2007Philadelphia Survivor Series
2/19/2007-4/24/2007Bakersfield Raw
4/24/2007-4/24/2007Paris Live Event
4/24/2007-6/24/2007Paris Live Event
6/24/2007-10/7/2007Houston Night of Champions 2007
10/7/2007-4/14/2008Rosemont No Mercy
4/14/2008-8/17/2008London Raw
8/17/2008-1/25/2009Indianapolis SummerSlam
1/25/2009-6/28/2009Detroit Royal Rumble
6/28/2009-1/31/2010Sacramento Bash
1/31/2010-2/23/2010Atlanta Royal Rumble
2/23/2010-4/25/2010Milwaukee Smackdown
4/25/2010-5/11/2010Baltimore Extreme Rules
5/11/2010-9/19/2010Buffalo Smackdown

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