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Has Main Evented all of The big 4 PPVs At Least once[19]
Won a King of the Ring and an Elimination Chamber Match 2
Has Entered at #1 in Royal Rumble more than once
Female that Entered the Royal Rumble
Has Deafeated John Cena at WrestleMania
Won first World Title at WrestleMania
Won Money in the Bank but did not Cash it in
Used the Spear as a Finsiher
Won a WWE World Title in 2 Dif Decades
Main Evented all Big 4 PPVs in One Year
Won A royal Rumble but never won the World Title
Has won a Three stages of Hell Match
Won a Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank
Was wwe and WHC In Same Year
That Main Evnted Wrestlemania then very next year Opens up the show
Won a Hell in a Cell Match More Than Once
Won Royal Rumble in their Rumble debut
The Wrestlers that from 2008-2011 Won the Royal Rumble but Didn`t win the Title
Lost to Undertaker at WrestleMania
has won an I Quit Match

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