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Title Reign LengthAnswerlocation,Show,Notes Includes Nwa and WCW
1/1/1975-7/3/1975Tallahassee Won a Tournament Final
7/3/1975-10/4/1975Greensboro House Show Vacated Due to Plane Crash
11/9/1975-11/27/1975Greensboro House Show Won Tournament Final
11/27/1975-3/13/1976Greensboro House Show
3/13/1976-10/16/1976Greensboro House Show
10/16/1976-11/28/1976Greensboro House Show
11/28/1976-12/9/1976Charlotte House Show
12/9/1976-12/15/1976Winston-Salem House Show
12/15/1976-7/7/1977Raleigh House Show
7/7/1977-7/29/1977Norfolk House Show
7/29/1977-10/21/1977Richmond House Show
10/21/1977-1/1/1978Charleston House Show
1/1/1978-3/19/1978Greensboro House Show
3/19/1978-4/9/1978Greensboro House Show
4/9/1978-12/30/1978Charlotte House Show
12/30/1978-4/1/1979Greensboro House Show
4/1/1979-8/12/1979Greensboro House Show Vacanted
9/1/1979-4/19/1980Charlotte House Show Won in Tournament Final
4/19/1980-7/26/1980Greensboro House Show
7/26/1980-11/24/1980Charlotte House Show
11/24/1980-1/27/1981Greenville House Show
1/27/1981-8/8/1981Raleigh House Show
8/8/1981-9/1/1981Greensboro House Show Vacnated
10/4/1981-5/21/1982Charlotte House Show Won a Tournament Final
5/21/1982-6/7/1982Richmond House Show
6/7/1982-8/22/1982Greenville House Show Was Awarded Title
8/22/1982-11/4/1982Charlotte House Show
11/4/1982-4/16/1983Norfolk House Show
4/16/1983-4/30/1983Greensboro House Show
4/30/1983-12/14/1983Greensboro House Show
12/14/1983-4/21/1984Shelby House Show
4/21/1984-6/24/1984Greensboro House Show
6/24/1984-7/1/1984Greensboro House Show Vacanted
10/7/1984-3/23/1985Charlotte House Show Won a Tournament Final
3/23/1985-7/21/1985Charlotte House Show
7/21/1985-11/28/1985Charlotte House Show
11/28/1985-5/29/1986Greensboro Starrcade Won in a I Quit Steel Cage Match Vacnated
8/17/1986-7/11/1987Won a Best of Seven Series Charlotte House Show
7/11/1987-11/26/1987Greensboro House Show Won in a Steel Cage Match
11/26/1987-4/15/1988Chicago Starrcade Won in a Steel Cage Match Vacanetd
5/13/1988-2/20/1989Houston House Show Won a Tournament Final
2/20/1989-5/7/1989Chicago Chi-Town Rumble
5/7/1989-5/22/1989Nashville WrestleWar
5/22/1989-10/27/1990Bluefield House Show
10/27/1990-12/16/1990Chicago Halloween Havoc
12/16/1990-7/14/1991St.Louis Starrcade Won in a Texas Bullrope Match Vacated
Title Reign LengthAnswerlocation,Show,Notes Includes Nwa and WCW
8/25/1991-11/19/1991Atlanta House Show Won a Tournament Final
11/19/1991-1/11/1993Savannah Clash of the Champions Vacnated
1/11/1993-5/29/1993Atlanta Saturday Night Vacnated
8/30/1993-12/27/1993Atlanta Saturday Night Won in a Rematch
12/27/1993-8/24/1994Charlotte Starrcade Won in a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match
8/24/1994-9/18/1994Cedar Rapids Clash of the Champions
9/18/1994-9/18/1994Roanoke Fall Brawl
9/18/1994-12/27/1994Roanoke Fall Brawl
12/27/1994-3/25/1995Nashville Starrcade Vacanted
6/18/1995-11/13/1995Dayton Great American Bash Won a Tournament Final
11/13/1995-12/27/1995Tokyo House Show
12/27/1995-1/29/1996Nashville Starrcade
1/29/1996-7/7/1996Canton Main Event
7/7/1996-9/1/1996Daytona Beach Bash at the Beach Vacnated
12/29/1996-3/16/1997Nashville Starrcade Won a Tournament Final
3/16/1997-6/9/1997North Charleston Uncensored
6/9/1997-8/21/1997Boston Monday Nitro
8/21/1997-9/15/1997Nashville Clash of the Champions
9/15/1997-12/28/1997Charlotte Monday Nitro
12/28/1997-4/19/1998Washington Starrcade
4/19/1998-4/20/1998Denver Spring Stampede Won in a No DQ Match
4/20/1998-7/6/1998Colorado Springs Monday Nitro Won in a No DQ Match Vacnated When he Won World Title
7/20/1998-8/10/1998Salt Lake City Monday Nitro
8/10/1998-8/11/1998Rapid City Monday Nitro
8/11/1998-10/26/1998Fargo Thunder
10/26/1998-11/30/1998Phoenix Monday Nitro
11/30/1998-2/8/1999Chattanooga Monday Nitro Won in a No DQ Match
2/8/1999-2/21/1999Buffalo Monday Nitro
2/21/1999-3/18/1999Oakland SuperBrawl Got Stripped of Title
4/11/1999-7/5/1999Tacoma Spring Stampede Won a Tournament Final and got Stripped of Title
7/5/1999-8/9/1999Atlanta Monday Nitro
8/9/1999-9/12/1999Boise Monday Nitro
9/12/1999-10/24/1999Winston-Salem Fall Brawl
10/24/1999-10/25/1999Las Vegas Halloween Havoc
10/25/1999-11/8/1999Phoenix Monday Nitro
11/8/1999-12/19/1999Indianapolis Monday Nitro 4 Way Ladder Match
12/19/1999-12/20/1999Washington D.C. Starrcade
12/20/1999-1/16/2000Baltimore Monday Nitro Won in a Ladder Match
1/17/2000-4/10/2000Awareded Title in Columbus Monday Nitro Got Stripped Of Title
4/16/2000-7/9/2000Chicago Spring Stampede Won a Tournament Final
7/18/2000-9/22/2000Auburn Hills Monday Nitro
9/22/2000-9/23/2000Amarillo House Show
9/23/2000-10/29/2000Lubbock House Show
10/29/2000-11/13/2000Las Vegas Halloween havoc Won in a Handicap Match
11/13/2000-11/26/2000London Monday Nitro
11/26/2000-1/14/2001Milwaukee Mayhem
Title Reign LengthAnswerlocation,Show,Notes Includes Nwa and WCW
1/14/2001-2/5/2001Indianapolis Sin Won in a First Blood Chain Match
2/5/2001-3/18/2001Tupelo Monday Nitro
3/18/2001-7/24/2001Jacksonville Greed
7/24/2001-9/10/2001Pittsburgh Smackdown
9/10/2001-9/23/2001San Antonio Raw
9/23/2001-10/22/2001Pittsburgh Unforgiven
10/22/2001-11/12/2001Kansas City Raw
11/12/2001-11/18/2001Boston Raw Unified With The Intercontinental Title
7/27/2003-10/19/2003Denver Vengeance Won a Tournament Final To Revie The Title
10/19/2003-3/14/2004Baltimore No Mercy
3/14/2004-7/6/2004New York City WrestleMania Got Stripped of Title
7/27/2004-10/3/2004Cincinnati Smackdown Won in an 8 Man Elimination Match
10/3/2004-10/5/2004Easy Rutherford No Mercy
10/5/2004-11/16/2004Boston Smackdown
11/16/2004-3/1/2005Dayton Smackdown
3/1/2005-8/21/2005Albany Smackdown
8/21/2005-10/18/2005Washington D.C. SummerSlam
10/18/2005-11/22/2005Reno Smackdown Vacnated
1/10/2006-2/19/2006Philadelphia Smackdown Won a Best of Seven Series
2/19/2006-4/2/2006Baltimore No Way Out
4/2/2006-5/23/2006Rosemont WrestleMania
5/23/2006-7/11/2006Bakersfield Smackdown
7/11/2006-8/29/2006Minneapolis Smackdown
8/29/2006-10/10/2006Reading Smackdown Won in a Triple Threat Match
10/10/2006-5/20/2007Jacksonville Smackdown
5/20/2007-4/27/2008St.Louis Judgment Day Won in a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match
4/27/2008-7/20/2008Baltimore Backlash
7/20/2008-3/17/2009Uniondale Great American Bash
3/17/2009-6/1/2009Corpus Christi Smackdown
6/1/2009-10/5/2009Birmingham Raw
10/5/2009-5/17/2010Wilkes-Barre Raw
5/17/2010-5/24/2010Toronto Raw Won in a No DQ Match Vacnated when he Became GM
5/24/2010-6/14/2010Toledo Raw
6/14/2010-9/19/2010Charlotte Raw Won in a fatal 4 Way
9/19/2010-3/14/2011Rosemont Night of Champions
3/14/2011-5/1/2011St.Louis Raw
5/1/2011-6/19/2011Tampa Bay Extreme Rules Won in a Tables Match
6/19/2011-12/18/2011Washington D.C. Capitol Punishment
12/18/2011-1/16/2012Baltimore TLC
1/16/2012-3/5/2012Anaheim Raw
3/5/2012-8/19/2012Boston Raw
8/19/2012-4/15/2013Los Angeles SummerSlam
4/15/2013-5/19/2013Greenville Raw
5/19/2013-5/4/2014St.Louis Extreme Rules
5/4/2014-Albany Raw Won in a 20 Man Battle Royal

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