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Title reignAnswerLocation,Show,Notes
4/21/1980-12/8/1980New York City House Show
12/8/1980-6/20/1981New York City House Show
6/20/1981-11/23/1981Philadelphia House Show
11/23/1981-1/22/1983New York City House Show
1/22/1983-2/11/1984New York City House Show
2/11/1984-9/24/1984Boston House Show
9/24/1984-7/6/1985London Maple Leaf Wrestling
7/6/1985-2/8/1986Baltimore House Show Steel Cage Match
2/8/1986-3/29/1987Boston House Show
3/29/1987-6/2/1987Pontiac WrestleMania
6/2/1987-8/29/1988Buffalo Superstars of Wrestling
8/29/1988-4/2/1989New York City SummerSlam
4/2/1989-8/28/1989Atlantic City WrestleMania
8/28/1989-4/1/1990East Rutherford SummerSlam Vacated after winning the WWF Title
4/23/1990-8/27/1990Austin Superstars of Wrestling
8/27/1990-11/19/1990Philadelphia SummerSlam
11/19/1990-8/26/1991Rochester Superstars of Wrestling
8/26/1991-1/17/1992New York City SummerSlam
1/17/1992-1/19/1992Springfield House Show
1/19/1992-4/5/1992Albany Royal Rumble
4/5/1992-8/29/1992Indianapolis WrestleMania
8/29/1992-10/27/1992London SummerSlam
10/27/1992-5/17/1993Terre Haute Saturdays Main Event
5/17/1993-6/6/1993New York City Raw
6/6/1993-9/27/1993Albany House Show
9/27/1993-4/13/1994New Haven Raw
4/13/1994-8/29/1994Rochester Superstars of Wrestling
8/29/1994-1/22/1995Chicago SummerSlam
1/22/1995-4/26/1995Tampa Royal Rumble Vacated Due to Conrosevially Match Ending
4/26/1995-5/19/1995Moline Action Zone Won in Rematch
5/19/1995-5/21/1995Montreal House Show Won in Ladder Match
5/21/1995-7/23/1995Trois Rivieres House Show
7/23/1995-10/22/1995Nashville In Your House 2
10/22/1995-10/22/1995Winnipeg In Your House 4 Won by Forfeit
10/22/1995-1/21/1996Winnipeg In Your House 4
1/21/1996-4/1/1996Frenso Royal Rumble Vacanted
4/1/1996-6/23/1996San Bernardio Raw Won in rematch
6/23/1996-8/12/1996Milwaukee King of the Ring Vacanted
9/23/1996-10/21/1996Hershey Raw
10/21/1996-2/13/1997Fort Wayne Raw
2/13/1997-4/28/1997Lowell Raw
4/28/1997-8/3/1997Omaha Raw
8/3/1997-9/8/1997East Rutherford SummerSlam Vacanted
10/5/1997-11/9/1997St.Louis Badd Blood
11/9/1997-12/8/1997Montreal Survivor Series
12/8/1997-8/30/1998Portland Raw
8/30/1998-10/9/1998New York Ladder SummerSlam
10/12/1998-2/14/1999Uniondale Raw
2/14/1999-3/15/1999Memphis St.Valentines Day Massacre
3/15/1999-3/29/1999San Jose Raw
Title reignAnswerLocation,Show,Notes
3/29/1999-4/12/1999East Rutherford Raw
4/12/1999-5/25/1999Detroit Raw
5/25/1999-7/24/1999Moline Raw
7/24/1999-7/25/1999Toronto House Show
7/25/1999-7/27/1999Buffalo Fully Loaded
7/27/1999-8/22/1999Columbus Raw
8/22/1999-10/17/1999Minneapolis SummerSlam
10/17/1999-12/12/1999Cleveland No Mercy Won in a Good Housekeeping Match
12/12/1999-1/3/2000Sunrise Armageddon
1/3/2000-1/23/2000Miami Raw CO-Champs
1/23/2000-2/27/2000New York City Royal Rumble
2/27/2000-4/2/2000Hartford No Way Out
4/2/2000-5/2/2000Anaheim WrestleMania Won in Triple Threat 2 Out of 3 Falls Match
5/2/2000-5/8/2000Richmond Smackdown
5/8/2000-6/20/2000Uniondale Raw
6/20/2000-7/4/2000Memphis Smackdown
7/4/2000-8/27/2000Fort Lauderdale Smackdown
8/27/2000-9/4/2000Raleigh SummerSlam
9/4/2000-11/21/2000Lexington Raw Won in Triple Threat
11/21/2000-12/10/2000Sunrise Smackdown
12/10/2000-1/21/2001Birmingham Armageddon
1/21/2001-4/3/2001New Orleans Royal Rumble Ladder Match
4/3/2001-4/10/2001Oklahoma City Smackdown
4/10/2001-4/16/2001Philadelphia Smackdown
4/16/2001-5/20/2001Knoxville Raw
5/20/2001-6/26/2001Sacramento Judgment Day Won in Chain Match
6/26/2001-7/23/2001New York City Smackdown Won in a No DQ Match
7/23/2001-8/19/2001Buffalo Raw
8/19/2001-9/23/2001San Jose SummerSlam
9/23/2001-10/21/2001Pittsburgh Unforgiven
10/21/2001-11/5/2001St.Louis No Mercy Ladder Match
11/5/2001-11/18/2001Uniondale Raw
11/18/2001-1/20/2002Greensboro Survivor Series
1/20/2002-3/17/2002Atlanta Royal Rumble
3/17/2002-4/21/2002Toronto WrestleMania 18
4/21/2002-5/27/2002Kansas City Backlash
5/27/2002-7/29/2002Edmonton Raw Won in Ladder Match
7/29/2002-8/25/2002Greensboro Raw
8/25/2002-9/16/2002Uniondale SummerSlam
9/16/2002-9/30/2002Denver Raw
9/30/2002-10/20/2002Houston Raw
10/20/2002-10/20/2002North Little Rock No Mercy Unfifed with WHC
5/18/2003-7/7/2003Charlotte Judgment Day Won in Battle Royal
7/7/2003-8/10/2003Montreal Raw
8/10/2003-9/29/2003Des Moines House Show
9/29/2003-10/27/2003Rosemont Raw Ladder Match
10/27/2003-10/27/2003Fayetteville Raw
10/27/2003-12/14/2003Fayetteville Raw Steel Cage Match
12/14/2003-7/11/2004Orlando Armageddon Won in Special Ref Match
7/11/2004-9/6/2004Hartford Vengeance Vacanted Due to Injury
9/12/2004-10/19/2004Portland Unforgiven Won in a Ladder Match
Title reignAnswerLocation,Show,Notes
10/19/2004-6/20/2005Milwaukee Taboo Tuesday
6/20/2005-9/18/2005Phoenix Raw
9/18/2005-2/20/2006Oklahoma City Unforgiven
2/20/2006-4/30/2006Trenton Raw
4/30/2006-5/15/2006Lexington Backlash
5/15/2006-6/25/2006Lubbock Raw
6/25/2006-10/2/2006Charlotte Vengeance won in Triple Threat
10/2/2006-11/6/2006Topeka Raw
11/6/2006-11/13/2006Columbus Raw Won in No DQ Match
11/13/2006-2/19/2007Manchester Raw
2/19/2007-4/16/2007Bakersfield Raw
4/16/2007-7/2/2007Milan Raw No DQ Match
7/2/2007-9/2/2007Dallas Raw
9/2/2007-3/10/2008Columbus Raw
3/10/2008-6/29/2008Milwaukee Raw
6/29/2008-8/17/2008Dallas Night of Champions
8/17/2008-11/10/2008Indianapolis SummerSlam
11/10/2008-1/19/2009Manchester Raw
1/19/2009-3/9/2009Rosemont Raw No DQ Match
3/9/2009-4/5/2009Jacksonville Raw
4/5/2009-6/7/2009Houston WrestleMania 25
6/7/2009-6/28/2009New Orleans Extreme Rules No Holds Barred Match
6/28/2009-9/1/2009Sacramento The Bash Mask vs Title Match
9/1/2009-12/13/2009Cleveland Smackdown
12/13/2009-5/23/2010San Antonio TLC
5/23/2010-7/28/2010Detroit Over the Limit
7/28/2010-1/4/2011Laredo Smackdown
1/4/2011-3/22/2011Tucson Smackdown
3/22/2011-6/19/2011Columbus Smackdown
6/19/2011-8/9/2011Washington D.C. Capitol Punishment
8/9/2011-4/1/2012Sacramento Smackdown
4/1/2012-4/29/2012Miami WrestleMania
4/29/2012-5/20/2012Rosemont Extreme Rules Tables Match
5/20/2012-7/23/2012Raleigh Over the Limit
7/23/2012-10/16/2012St.Louis Raw
10/16/2012-12/29/2012Memphis Main Event
12/29/2012-4/7/2013Washington D.C. Raw
4/7/2013-4/8/2013East Rutherford WrestleMania
4/8/2013-6/16/2013East Rutherford Raw
6/16/2013-11/18/2013Rosemont Payback Won in Triple Threat
11/18/2013-5/4/2014Nashville Raw
5/4/2014-6/30/2014East Rutherford Extreme Rules Vacanted Due to a Shoulder Injury
7/20/2014-8/17/2014Tampa Bay Battleground Won a Battle Royal
8/17/2014-9/21/2014Los Angeles SummerSlam
9/21/2014-9/22/2014Nashville Night of Champions
9/22/2014-11/17/2014Memphis Raw
11/17/2014-12/14/2014Roanoke Raw
12/14/2014-1/5/2015Cleveland TLC Ladder Match

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