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reign lengthAnswerlocation,notes
4/251963-5/17/1963Won a Tournament,Took Place in Brazil
5/17/1963-1/18/1971New York City House Show
1/18/1971-2/8/1971New York City House Show,
2/8/1971-12/1/1973New York City House Show
12/1/1973-12/10/1973Philadelphia House Show
12/10/1973-4/30/1977New York City House Show
4/30/1977-2/20/1978Baltimore House Show
2/20/1978-12/26/1983New York City House Show
12/26/1983-1/23/1984New York City House Show,Won by Forfeit
1/23/1984-2/5/1988New York City House Show
2/5/1988-2/5/1988Indianapolis The Main Event Sold It to Ted DiBiase after he won
3/27/1988-4/2/1989Atlantic City WrestleMania 4,Defeated Ted DiBiase in Tournament Finals
4/2/1989-4/1/1990Atlantic City WrestleMania 5
4/1/1990-1/19/1991Toronto WrestleMania 6
1/19/1991-3/24/1991Miami Royal Rumble 1991
3/24/1991-11/27/1991Los Angeles WrestleMania 7
11/27/1991-12/3/1991Detroit Survivor Series
12/3/1991-12/4/1991San Antonio This Tuesday In Texas Stripped due to Controsvey
1/19/1992-4/5/1992Albany Royal Rumble Won Rumble to Win Title
4/5/1992-9/1/1992Indianapolis WrestleMania 8
9/1/1992-10/12/1992Hershey Prime Time Wrestling
10/12/1992-4/4/1993Saskatoon House Show
4/4/1993-4/4/1993Las Vegas WrestleMania 9
4/4/1993-6/13/1993Las Vegas WrestleMania 9 Got offered a Title Match
6/13/1993-3/20/1994Dayton King of the Ring
3/20/1994-11/23/1994New York City WrestleMania 10
11/23/1994-11/26/1994San Antonio Survivor Series
11/26/1994-11/19/1995New York City House Show
11/19/1995-3/31/1996Landover Survivor Series No DQ Match
3/31/1996-11/17/1996Anaheim WrestleMania 12 Iron Man Match
11/17/1996-1/19/1997New York City Survivor Series
1/19/1997-2/13/1997San Antonio Royal Rumble Vacated it due to Knee Injuries
2/16/1997-2/17/1997Chattanooga In Your House 13 Won in a Four Way Elimination with Stone Cold,Undertaker,Vader Also In Match
2/17/1997-3/23/1997Nashville Raw
3/23/1977-8/3/1997Rosemont WrestleMania 13,No DQ Match
8/3/1997-11/9/1997East Rutherford SummerSlam Shawn Michaels Special Ref
11/9/1997-3/29/1998Montreal Survivor Series Infamous Montreal Screwjob
3/29/1998-6/28/1998Boston WrestleMania 14 Mike Tyson Enforcer
6/28/1998-6/29/1998Pittsburgh King of the Ring First Blood Match
6/29/1998-9/27/1998Cleveland Raw Vacated
reign lengthAnswerlocation,notes
11/15/1998-12/29/1998St.Louis Survivor Series Beat Mick Foley in Finals of Dealy Games Tournament
12/29/1998-1/24/1999Worcester Raw No DQ Match
1/24/1999-1/26/1999Anaheim Royal Rumble I Quit Match
1/26/1999-2/15/1999Tucson Halftime Heat
2/15/1999-3/28/1999Birmingham Raw Ladder Match
3/28/1999-5/23/1999Philadelphia WrestleMania 15 Mick Foley Special Ref No DQ
5/23/1999-6/28/1999Kansas City Over the Edge Vince and Shane were Special Refs
6/28/1999-8/22/1999Charlotte Raw
8/22/1999-8/23/1999Minneapolis SummerSlam Triple Threat Also Involving Triple H
8/23/1999-9/14/1999Shane McMahon was Special Ref
9/14/1999-9/20/1999Las Vegas Smackdown
9/26/1999-11/14/1999Charlotte Unforgiven 6 Pack Challenge
11/14/1999-1/3/2000Detroit Survivor Series Triple Threat Also Involving Rock
1/3/2000-4/30/2000Miami Raw
4/30/2000-5/21/2000Washington D.C. Backlash Shane McMahon Special ref
5/21/2000-6/25/2000Louisville Judgment Day Iron Man Match
6/25/2000-10/22/2000Boston King of the Ring 6 Man Tag
10/22/2000-2/25/2001Albany No Mercy No DQ Match
2/25/2001-4/1/2001Las Vegas No Way Out
4/1/2001-9/23/2001Houston WrestleMania 17 No DQ
9/23/2001-10/8/2001Pittsburgh Unforgiven
10/8/2001-12/9/2001Indianapolis Raw
12/9/2001-3/17/2002San Diego Vengeance Unified both WCW and WWF Titles
3/17/2002-4/21/2002Toronto WrestleMania 18
4/21/2002-5/19/2002Kansas City Backlash
5/19/2002-7/21/2002Nashville Judgment Day
7/21/2002-8/25/2002Detroit Vengeance Triple Threat Also Involving Kurt Angle
8/25/2002-11/17/2002Uniondale SummerSlam
11/17/2002-12/15/2002New York City Survivor Series
12/15/2002-3/30/2003Sunrise Armageddon
3/30/2003-7/27/2003Seattle WrestleMania 19
7/27/2003-9/16/2003Denver Vengeance Triple Threat Also Involving Big Show
9/16/2003-2/15/2004Raleigh Smackdown Iron Man
2/15/2004-6/27/2004Daly City No Way Out
6/27/2004-4/3/2005Norfolk Great American Bash Texas Bullrope Match
4/3/2005-1/8/2006Los Angeles WrestleMania 21
1/8/2006-1/29/2006Albany New Years Revolution Money in the Bank Cash-In
1/29/2006-6/11/2006Miami Royal Rumble
6/11/2006-7/3/2006New York City ECW One Night Stand Cash-In
7/3/2006-9/17/2006Philadelphia Raw Triple Threat Also Involving John Cena
reign lengthAnswerlocation,notes
9/17/2006-10/2/2007Toronto Unforgiven TLC Match
10/7/2007-10/7/207Rosemont No Mercy Awarded Title
10/7/2007-10/7/2007Rosemont No Mercy
10/7/2007-4/27/2008Rosemont No Mercy Last Man Standing
4/27/2008-11/23/2008Baltimore Backlash Four Way Match with John Cena and JBL Also
11/23/2008-12/14/2008Boston Survivor Series 3 Way with Vladimir Kozlov Also
12/14/2008-1/25/2009Buffalo Armageddon 3 Way with Triple H Also
1/25/2009-2/15/2009Detroit Royal Rumble No DQ Match
2/15/2009-4/26/2009Seattle No Way Out Elimination Chamber with Jeff Hardy,Undertaker,Big Show,Vladimir Kozlov Also
4/26/2009-6/7/2009Providence Backlash 6 Man Tag
6/7/2009-6/9/2009New Orleans Extreme Rules Steel Cage Match
6/15/2009-9/13/2009Charlotte Raw 4 Way with Triple H,John Cena,Big Show
9/13/2009-10/4/2009Montreal Breaking Point I Quit Match
10/4/2009-10/25/2009Newark Hell in a Cell Hell in a Cell Match
10/25/2009-12/13/2009Pittsburgh Bragging Rights Iron Man Match
12/13/2009-2/21/2010San Antonio TLC Tables Match
2/21/2010-2/21/2010St.Louis Elimination Chamber with Triple H,Randy Orton,Ted DiBiase,Kofi Kingston Also
2/21/2010-3/28/2010St.Louis Elimination Chamber
3/28/2010-6/20/2010Glendale WrestleMania 26
6/20/2010-9/19/2010Uniondale Fatal 4 Way with Edge,Randy Orton Also
9/19/2010-11/22/2010Rosemont Night of Champions 6 Pack Challenge with Chris Jericho,Edge,Wade Barrett,John Cena Also
11/22/2010-5/1/2011Orlando Raw Cash-In
5/1/2011-7/17/2011Tampa Extreme Rules 3 Way Steel Cage with John Morrison Also
7/17/2011-8/14/2011Chicago Money in the Bank
7/25/2011-7/25/2011Hampton Raw Co Champ
7/25/2011-8/14/2011Hampton Raw Co Champ
8/14/2011-9/18/2011Los Angeles SummerSlam Cash-In
9/18/2011-10/2/2011Buffalo Night of Champions
10/2/2011-11/20/2011New Orleans Hell in a Cell 3 Way With CM Punk Also
11/20/2011-1/27/2013New York City Survivor Series
1/27/2013-4/7/2013Phoenix Royal Rumble Restarted after Outside Inference
4/7/2013-8/18/2013East Rutherford WrestleMania 29
8/18/2013-8/18/2013Los Angeles SummerSlam
8/18/2013-9/15/2013Los Angeles SummerSlam Cash-In
9/15/2013-9/16/2013Detroit Night of Champions Stripped by HHH
10/27/2013-4/6/2014Miami Hell in a Cell
4/6/2014-6/9/2014New Orleans WrestleMania 30 Triple Threat with Batista Also
6/29/2014-8/17/2014Boston Money in the Bank Ladder Match with 7 Other Wrestlers
8/17/2014-Los Angeles SummerSlam

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