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Can you name the Worlds Sexiest Women from these cryptic clues?

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Famous Rabbit who makes poor electronic goods
Barbies rival who played the Phantom of the Opera
A magazine and someone who likes a Big burger
This English beauty with a bottle of beer reduced
You might see part of this Aussie at Christmas time
She kissed a girl and we liked it
Also known as a round of beers
This former page 3 model shares her name with a fence at Aintree
One of Barts human sisters?
This one went to Hollywodd to rub glass on the first ever motor car
If you like her than you should have put a ring on it
You just can't get this one out of your head
This German fell for a kiss from a rose
If it's raining get under her Umbrella
Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like one of these
Austins Miss Kensington
A desperate housewive who likes young gardeners
I forgot...who was Sarah Marshall
She's a she wolf
Stacy's mom who's got it going on

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