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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these practice SAT sentence completion problems?

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The success of the business venture ____ his expectations; he never thought that the firm would prosper.•belied
The progress of the disease is ____ ; it spreads stealthily without any symptoms in the early stages.•acute
His one vice was gluttony and so it is not surprising that as he aged he became increasingly ____ .•emaciated
She was roundly condemned for her ____ ; she betrayed the woman to whom she owed her success.•truculence
A ____ child, she was soon bored in class; she already knew more mathematics than her junior school teachers.•querulous
The quantum theory was initially regarded as absurd, unnatural and ____ with common sense.•consanguineous
Tennyson was a well-loved poet; no other poet since has been so ____ .•lionized
Our once thriving High School Nature Club is now ____ ; the progams have had to be cancelled due to lack of support.•defunct
The professor became increasingly ____ in later years, flying into a rage whenever he was opposed.•taciturn
In a fit of ____ she threw out the valuable statue simply because it had belonged to her ex-husband.•pique

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