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In this case, you are given a bunch of cereals. Type over/under if you think the cereal was released before/after the given year.
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Cereal and YearActual is Over or UnderActual Year
Oreo O's: 2004
Sir Grapefellow: 1950
Waffelos: 1969
Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs: 1960
French Toast Crunch: 2004
Puffa Puffa Rice: 1952
Kix: 1983
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Cereal: 1969
Smurf Berry Crunch: 2007
Crunchy Loggs: 1961
Quake: 1947
C3PO's: 1995
Cereal and YearActual is Over or UnderActual Year
Fruity Yummy Mummy: 1980
Ice Cream Cones: 1967
Honey Nut Cheerios: 1994
Bigg Mixx: 2001
Buzz Blasts: 1995
Wackies: 1952
Fruit Brute: 1985
Jets: 1968
Lucky Charms: 1953
Urkel-O's: 1998
G.I. Joe Action Stars: 1999
Moonstones: 1993

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