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Can you name the singer/band names when they are broken up?

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Half of Name
Men who are the chief authority over their countries (5) 
Below the surface of; beneath and covered by (5) 
The wood of growing trees suitable for structural uses (6) 
Adult male person, as distinguished from a woman (3) 
Silvery-white metallic element (6) 
Excavated hole in the ground (3) 
A symbol for this number is L (5) 
Meaning 'before' in the Latin language (4) 
Name shared by many different species of popular gamefish (4) 
To move or proceed, esp. to or from something (2) 
To give forth or glow with light (5) 
A leafy shelter or recess; arbor (5) 
Real Estate. Short for air conditioning. (2) 
Title of the native ruler of Tunis (3) 
Coiled metal found in mattresses (7) 
Combining form meaning “air” (4) 
+ Other Half of Name
+ A unit of weight, equivalent to 2000 lbs. (3) 
+ The trunks or main stems of trees (4) 
+ Body of fresh or salt water surrounded by land (4) 
+ Male child or person in relation to his parents (3) 
+ Rear part of the human body (4) 
+ The male of a bovine animal (4) 
+ Bronze coin of the U.S., the 100th part of a U.S. dollar (4) 
+ Meaning 'war' in the Latin language (6) 
+ Person who seeks an animal (6) 
+ Instrument used to open a lock (3) 
+ In descending direction or order (4) 
+ MLB. Red and White ______ (3) 
+ Short for District of Columbia (2) 
+ At one time in the past; formerly (4) 
+ An adolescent being of the age 13 through 19 (4) 
+ Black_____ works with metal (5) 
= Name
= Kisean Anderson aka Sean ______ (8) 
= Country singer Carrie Marie ______ (9) 
= Former NSYNC singer, Justin Randall ______ (10) 
= Brian Hugh Warner aka Marilyn ______ (6) 
= Canadian rock band called ______ (10) 
= Armando Christian Pérez aka ______ (7) 
= Curtis James Jackson III aka ______ (9) 
= American country group called Lady ______ (10) 
= Jonas Erik Altberg aka ______ (10) 
= 3rd place in AI in 2009, Daniel Jay 'Danny' ______ (5) 
= American rock band called ______ (9) 
= Runner-up in AI in 2010, Crystal Lynn ______ (8) 
= Australian rock band called ______ (4) 
= ______ Giselle Knowles, usually called by first name (7) 
= 'The Boss' or Bruce Frederick Joseph ______ (11) 
= American hard rock band called ______ (9) 

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