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Can you name the facts about the Thief video game series?

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First Game Full Title
Second Game Full Title
Third Game Full Title
Protagonist's Name
First Game Main Antagonist
Second Game Main Antagonist
Third Game Main Antagonist
Religious Sect Dedicated to Order and Construction
The God of This Religion
Prophet of This Religion
High Priest of This Religion in First Game
Artifact Stolen from this Religion in the Third Game
Holy Day of This Religion
Prison Operated by This Religion
Council of this Religion's Elders
Holy Book of This Religion
Religion Asks Protagonist to Kill These in Third Game
Killing These Increases Respect from this Religion
Fortress Owned by This Religion
Religious Sect Dedicated to Nature and Chaos
The God of This Religion
Another Name for this God
Female assistant to this God
Priestess of This Religion in Third Game
Spied on Splinter Religion in the Second Game
Artifact Stolen from this Religion in the Third Game
Dimension Home to This Religion's God and Other Mythical Creatures
Religion Asks Protagonist to 'Green' These in Third Game
Using Elemental Arrows on These Increases Respect with this Religion
Pejorative Term Used by This Religion for Humans
Secret Society Protagonist Once Belonged To
This Society Maintains This Between the Religions
Leader of Secret Society in Third Game
Interpretor for Secret Society in Third Game
Translator for this Interpretor
Personal Mentor of Protagonist in Secret Society
Elite Assassins of Secret Society
Source of Secret Society's Power
Sealed Golden Slab Belonging to Secret Society
Splinter Religion in Second Game
High Priest of This Religion
Holy Scripture High Priest Wrote
Mechanical Soldiers of This Religion
Masked Creation of This Religion; Revealed to be Weapon
Deadly Substance Emitted by Masked Weapons
Massive Cathedral Operated by this Religion
Tower Owned by This Religion
Religion's Seminary Located in This Part of Town
Religion's Submarine-Like Watercraft
Supervised Religion's Excavation Project
Name of the City Game Takes Place
Title of City's Leader
Rival City-State at War with This City
Other City Mentioned In Game
Other City Mentioned In Game
Island off the City, Named for Famous Pirate
Ancient City Modern City Was Built Upon
Name for Inhabitants of Ancient City
Last Emperor of Ancient City
Father of Last Emperor
Honorary Title of Emperor
City's Law Enforcement Organization
Law Enforcement Commissioner in First Game
Corrupt Sheriff in Second Game
Female Lieutenant Who Succeeds Him
Lieutenant Framed for Robbing Evidence Vault
Station where Lieutenant is Framed
Prison Operated by Law Enforcement
Warden of this Prison
Mobster-like Crime Lords in City
This Crime Lord Attempts to have Protagonist Killed
Hitman for Crime Lord
Hitman for Crime Lord
Crime Lord's Hitmen Accidentally Kill This Pawn
Name of Pawn's Shop
Fellow Crime Lord Mentioned in Game
Fellow Crime Lord Mentioned in Game
First Nobleman Protagonist Victimizes in First Game
Captain of this Nobleman's Guard Force
Protagonist Steals This from this Nobleman
Gambling Pit This Nobleman Owns
Gambling Pit This Nobleman Owns
Gambling Pit This Nobleman Owns
Protagonist's First Pawn in First Game
Beggar who Steals from Protagonist
Beggar Steals This from Protagonist
Protagonist Saves This Boxman from Prison in First Game
Protagonist Saves Boxman's Lover in Second Game
Boxman's Lover Works for this Noblewoman
Underground Catacombs in First Game
This Artifact is Stolen from Catacombs
Rival Thief Also After the Artifact; Leader of Party
Member of Rival Thief's Party
Member of Rival Thief's Party
Member of Rival Thief's Party
Member of Rival Thief's Party
Legendary Thief Died in the Catacombs
Gem Hidden in Catacombs
Gem Hidden in Catacombs
Noble Family Buried in Catacombs in their Own Wing
Religious Prophet Needs These Placed in Coffin
Giant Lizards that Breathe Poisonous Gas
Chaos God Poses as this Nobleman
Necromantic Gemstone he Tasks Protagonist to Steal
Gemstone Located in this Building
Cathedral Located in this Part of the City
This Artifact Also Located in this Part of the City
To Gain Access to the Cathedral, Protagonist Needs These
To Gain Two of them, Protagonist Must Recite This
Ghost of Priest who Helps Protagonist
Religious Figure Protagonist Must Bury
Religious Figure Protagonist Must Bury
Holy Symbol Must be Blessed Here
Pirate at the Docks in Second Game
Associate who Betrays Protagonist in Second Game
Protagonist Ambushed in this Pub
Part of Town Protagonist Has Safehouse
Bank Protagonist Must Rob
Name of the Master Banker
Hopes to Succeed Master Banker
Hopes to Succeed Master Banker
Guard Comically Known for Drunkenness and Stupidity
Noble Family Accidentally Left Out of Tower Party
Head of House Angry This Family was Invited Instead
Guards of This House Fighting with Rivals
Guards of This Lord Fighting with Rivals
Fictitious Sport of which City has its own League
Name of Doll Ghost Girl Gives Protagonist
Nobleman who Throws Party in Second Game
Librarian at Nobleman's Estate; Appears as Ghost
Librarian's Assistant; Appears as Ghost
Assistant's Wife; Appears as Ghost
Protagonist Lives in This Part of Town
Protagonist's Landlord
Guard Patrolling Protagonist's Apartment Hall
Protagonist Steals a Medallion from This Nobleman
Protagonist Steals the Medallion at This Inn
Nobleman's Cousin With Whom he is Feuding
The Cousin's Wife
Surname of the Family
Family is Feuding over This Heirloom
Valuable Portrait in Family Manor
The Painting's Artist
Protagonist Takes Heirloom to This Fence
In Third Game, This Symbol Signifies Black Market
Equipment Shop Near This Fence
The Shop's Proprietor
Female Fence Who Takes Heirloom
Equipment Vendor Near This Fence
Place Secret Society Meets Protagonist in Third Game
Quarantined Ship in Third Game
Captain of Quarantined Ship
The Captain's Widow
Fence at the Docks
Equipment Vendor at the Docks
Name of this Vendor's Shop
Fence in Old Quarter
Equipment Vendor in Old Quarter
Name of this Vendor's Shop
Orphanage Turned Insane Asylum
Inspector for Religion of Order, once an Orphan at Orphanage
Orphan at Orphanage, Murdered
Amphibian Race Living Under the City
Member of this Race Imprisoned in Stonemarket
Important Artifact of this Race
Ancient Ruin Home to this Race
Large Museum in the City
Artifact Kept in this Museum
Artifacts with a Will of their Own
Protagonist Uses This to Kill Opponents in First 2 Games
In Third Game, Protagonist Switches to This
Protagonist Uses This to Knock Out Opponents
Protagonist's Long-Range Killing Weapon
1 of 4 Elemental Arrows
1 of 4 Elemental Arrows
1 of 4 Elemental Arrows
1 of 4 Elemental Arrows
Arrow to Distract or Lure Opponents
Arrow to Climb Higher
This Equipment Replaced the Arrow in the Third Game
Thrown to Blind Opponents
Kills Opponents from the Ground
Knocks Out Opponents from the Ground
Blinds Opponents from the Ground
Used to Fight Undead; in Vials and Fonts
In Second Game, Weapon Containing Enemy from First Game
Fictitious Weapon Said to be Found in Catacombs
Helps Protagonist Open Safes and Doors
Illuminating Tool in Second Game
Restores Protagonist's Health
Makes Protagonist Run Faster
Saves Protagonist Under Water
Aids Protagonist in Stealth (second game only)
Saves Protagonist from Fall (second game only)
Slang, Derogatory Term Ubiquitous in Games
These Creatures Often Blamed for Noise
Name Given to Glitch where Protagonist Suddenly and Unexpectedly Dies
Publisher of the Thief Series
Developer of First Two Thief Games
Developer of Third Thief Game

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