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Can you name the characters of Rockstar Games by the limerick clue provided?

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Forced Order
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Trapped by a director who's nuts,
Told to kill, no ifs ands or buts.
Forced to do films of snuff
I at last had enough,
Took a chainsaw and sliced up his guts.
I ride the streets on iron horse,
Took my gang on a different course,
The boss screwed up my plans
When he got out of the can,
For violence, will this be the source?
After doing 15 years inside,
I was sent down south, where 2 buddies died.
In less than a flash,
I lost my coke and my cash,
This'll be one hell of a ride.
Townley was my original name,
Armed robbery brought me some fame,
Then I worked with the Feds,
Everyone thought I was dead,
But now I'm back in the game.
Leaving the streets was my dream
I had to go legit, it seemed
I became a repo man with my friend
But when that job came to an end,
I became part of a robbery team.
I'm a loose cannon, stark raving mad,
I thought I was writing to Brad.
But we rebuilt the crew
With partners both old and new,
I hope this LS rookie isn't half-bad.
Winning the Battle Royale
Will earn me gold and impress the gals.
But that matters not,
What I want is a shot
At the Governor, Pa's traitor pal!
A street hood trying to go clean
Making it in the club scene
And though I should be fine
Working Maisonette 9,
I hope at Hercules I am not seen.
I had to start making my bones
As an errand boy for the Leones,
And though I am silent
I am really quite violent,
My traitor ex now has trouble of her own.
From star of the NYPD
To a pilled-up vigilante,
Friends and family die
No matter how hard I try,
Why does this always happen to me?
Escaped my mental ward bed,
Leaving Pervs, Kings and Watchdogs dead,
With a psychotic guide
Who when not by my side,
Will find a way into my head.
War hero status I shunned,
As a detective I outwitted and gunned
All the killers and stealers
And corrupt wheeler-dealers
Of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund.
Little bro died and courage I lacked,
Big bro started giving me flack,
I decided to flee
All the way to LC,
But when Moms died I had to come back.
I'm a foreigner driving a cab,
Living in my cousin's apartment so drab.
Between going for brewskies
And fighting with Russkies,
Call for bowling and I may be a crab.
I rode with Dutch's gang,
Forced to betray them or else I would hang,
But 'twas me betrayed and undone,
Vengeance gained by my son,
And I got to go out with a bang.
School was a massive time-filler
Social life was a terrible chiller,
When not reading or writing
I was dating and fighting
Will I end up your next GTA killer?

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