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Can you name the facts about Dexter Morgan from the Showtime series Dexter?

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Dexter is played by this actor
Dexter lives in this city
Dexter works for this organization
Dexter's official title
Dexter's sister's name
Dexter's foster father
Dexter's foster mother
Dexter's biological mother
Dexter's brother
His brother went by this name
Name given to his brother by the public
Dexter's girlfriend (later wife)
His girlfriend/wife's daughter
His girlfriend/wife's son
His girlfriend/wife's ex-husband
Dexter shares his lab with this DNA expert
Dexter keeps these as trophies from his victims
The name of Dexter's boat
The name the media gives to the killer of Dexter's victims
Police officer and rival of Dexter accused of being this killer
FBI agent sent to track the killer
Dexter takes up this sport to appear 'normal'
The name of Dexter's team
Dexter enters this support group
Dexter's sponsor/lover/stalker
Assistant District Attorney who becomes Dexter's friend
He is played by this actor
ADA's brother, a hot-headed sheriff
ADA's brother, who Dexter kills in self-defense
ADA believes this drug dealer killed his brother
Confidential Informant and eventual lover of Dexter's sister
Killer trying to get to the drug dealer
Name for this killer/method of killing
Defense attorney who ADA kills
Name of Dexter's son
Killer who kills in groups of 3
He is given this nickname
He is played by this actor
He works for this charity
Dexter gives him this fake name
Dexter saves this woman from rape and murder
She is played by this actress
Motivational speaker leading kidnap/murder ring
This was his original name
Motivational speaker's bodyguard, member of kidnap/murder ring
Devotee of motivational speaker, member of kidnap/murder ring
Member of kidnap/murder ring
Member of kidnap/murder ring
College professor obsessed with the end of the world
Corrupt cop hired to spy on Dexter
He used to teach at this (fictitious) university
Professor's apprentice
Name given to these killers (thought to be one person)
Mechanic who befriends Dexter

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