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Holly's Mum
Wills dad
Sienna's twin
Maxines abusive ex
Minnies mummy
Huge Cruch on Max
Divorced to Darren- Druggy
Nancys son
Robbies dad
Just came out of an eating clinic
Jasons Girlfriend
Graces Boyfriend
Kissed Grace
Kims sister
Lindseys murderous boyfriend
Joe Jr's father
Joe's mum
Graces father
Frasers youngest daughter
Baby Roses REAL mum
Sineads first daughter
Rae's lover
Wills wife that he murdered
Texas' Sister
The murder of Lyndsey Nolan
Dr Brownings Ex wife
Mercedes mum
Myras mum
Nanas' only male grandson
John-pauls Current lover
Ste's Son
Lucas' sister
The mother to ste's baby on the way
Pushed Diane out the window
Porsche's Husband
Lockies brother
The woman who Cameron let die
Sam's eldest daughter
Leela's daughter
The father to Peri's baby to be
Ruby's boyfriend when she left
Ziggys TRUE love
Grace's surrogate
Esthers gran
Frankies husband
Leannes Husband
Dennis' girlfriend
Phoebe's gay best friend
Georges boyfriend
Theresa's daughter
Kathleen Angels dad
Calvins dead girlfriend
Owner of Dee Valley Hospital
Dianes cheating ex
Had cancer and died in a fire
Bobby's (mercedes' son) father
Rileys lover
Harry's girlfriend
Spiritual guru

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