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Can you name the following Office characters by position held?

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Head of Party Planning Committee
Head of the Committee to Determine the Validity of the Two Party Planning Committees
Customer Service Representative
Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager (1 day)
Staples Sales Associate
Jan's Assistant
Bowling Alley Clerk
Volunteer Sheriff Deputy - Lackawanna County
Cast Member - Sweeney Todd
Quality Assurance Representative
Vice President of North East Region (DM)
Stamford Regional Manager
Regional Manager, Dunder Mifflin Utica
Traveling Sales Manager
Supplier Relations Representative
Vice President of Sales (DM)
Sabre IT Administrator
Founder of 'Diversity Tomorrow'
Human Resources Representative, Nashua
Office Administrator
Owner of 'The Embassy Beets'
Assistant Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Stamford
Telemarketer, Lipophedrine 'Lipaphadrazone' Diet Pill Company
Warehouse Foreman
Current Receptionist
Warehouse Dock Worker
Sabre Chief Executive Officer
Senior Accountant
Chief Financial Officer (DM)
Founding Member, Finer Things Club
Regional Director in Charge of Sales
Vice President, North East Region and Director of New Media (DM)
Regional Manager Dunder Mifflin (deceased)
Drummer, Scrantonicity
Sabre Director of Sales

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