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Can you name the shows produced by Norman Lear by unscrambling the letters?

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1. [Anytime Half Ill]Carroll O'Conner & Jean Stapleton - for more help type: hint1
2. [Sands On A Frond]Redd Foxx & Demond Wilson - for more help type: hint2
3. [Ma Due]Bea Arthur & Bill Macy - for more help type: hint3
4. [Taboo Thrill Me]James Cromwell & Conchata Ferrell - for more help type: hint4
5. [A Matinee Today]Bonnie Franklin & Pat Harrington - for more help type: hint5
6. [Harm Army Ant, Harm Army Ant]Louise Lasser & Mary Kay Place - for more help type: hint6
7. The [Clown Wears Hanky]Nancy Walker & James Cromwell - for more help type: hint7
8. [As A Frill]Richard Crenna & Bernadette Peters - for more help type: hint8
9. [Tall Light Treats]Barbara Baxley & Eileen Brennan - for more help type: hint9
10. [Woof For Reverend]Orson Bean & Shelley Berman - for more help type: hint10

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