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Can you name the trivia for the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four?

Quiz Updated Jan 31, 2012

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Protagonist's name
Superpower that the protagonist lives in
Love interest of the Protagonist
The official language
Department that specializes in lies
Department that specializes in torture
Department that specializes in war
Department that specializes in starvation
It is in every party members home, purveying propoganda & surveillance
Where you put documents when they are ready for destruction
Youth organization known for training kids to report their parents for thought crime
Daily screaming frenzy at 1100
Enemy of the people, leader of the Brotherhood
Where you face your greatest fear
'Reality Control' or the Party's system of thought
Makes up 85% of the population
They kidnap you in the middle of the night for thoughtcrime
Member of the Inner Party who snares the protagonist
Proprietor of the antique shop
We had always been at war with...
We had always been at war with...
God is . . .
War is . . .
Freedom is . . .
Ignorance is . . .
Two and two make . . .
Who is watching you?
Author of 1984

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