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Can you name the cartoon characters from kids chanelz?

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A bird from the regular show
a birds best friends from regular show
a pink pig
the pink pigs little bro
daddy ___
mummy ___
a little tank engine
the ltitle tank engines best friends
a blue cat
a fish with legs
a blue fantasy thing that has a red blanket from in the night garden
upsy _____
The one and only bunny from looney tunes
a duck from looney tunes
the pig from looney tunes
iron ___
the sponge
______ star
sanjay and _____
____ simpson
mickey _____
mickeys girl friend
the fat orange cat
the girls that have super powers
bunny from tiny toon adventures
bunny from tiny toon adventures (girl)
the super _____ super show
____ the explora
a monkey

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