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'Then you're dead, too, sweet little sister.'
'Two faces of the same coin. And I am the metal in between.'
“I have to win this now, and for all time, or I’ll fight it every day and it will get worse and worse.”
‘It’s the teachers, they’re the enemy. They get us to fight each other, to hate each other. The game is everything. Win win win. It amounts to nothing.’
'There is no teacher but the enemy.'
'Ender would be pleased - every one of them was stupid.'
'As for Peter--we didn't even suggest a meeting, and so he didn't have a chance to tell us to go to hell.'
'we ask only this: that you remember us, not as enemies, but as a tragic sisters, changed into fol shape by fate or God or evolution'
i didn't know he was signed onto the system'
'I'm putting you in Dink Meeker's toon. From now on, as far as you're concerned, Dink Meeker is God.'
'Cheer up, the buggers may kill us all before he graduates'

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