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Can you name the obscure Harry Potter characters by description?

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DescriptionNameFirst mentioned
Mrs. Dursley's friend on holiday in MallorcaBook 1
Vampire who attended Slughorns christmas partyBook 6
1 of 2 cards missing from Ron's chocolate card collectionBook 1
Covered in bandages in the Hog's head during DA-meetingBook 5
Author of 'The standard book of spells'Book 1
Famed Magizoologist, expelled from HogwartsBook 1
Wife of Nicholas FlamelBook 1
Celebrated seer, author of 'Unfogging the future'Book 3
Previous master of the Elder Wand, often confused with Uric the OddballBook 1
Decided the time was ripe for a cheese cauldronBook 6
His statue hides the entrance to a secret passage out of HogwartsBook 1
Captain of the Holyhead HarpiesBook 6
Slytherin seeker replaced by Draco MalfoyBook 1
Healer who cured Arthur Weasley after snake attackBook 5
Gryffindor beater, knocked himself unconscious with his own batBook 5
Bulgarian keeper during the 1994 QWCBook 4
Patient at St. Mungo's for acting like a duckBook 6
Haunted by Moaning Myrtle for teasing her about her glassesBook 2
Slytherin forced into the Vanishing CabinetBook 1
Mastered the Elder Wand after killing his own fatherBook 7

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