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Where did Titanic make it's maiden voyage from?
When did Titanic set sail?
Where was Titanic Built?
Who was the Captin of Titanic?
What city was Titanic going to?
Who was the Owner of Titanic?
Who was the Director of Titanic?
Who was nicknamed 'The unsinkable?'
Who was the Designer of Titanic?
Are you sad Titanic sank?
How many lifeboats did Titanic carry?
How many people were on board Titanic?
How many people survived Titanic?
Who was the richest man on the ship?
Who was the first person to find the Titanic wreck site in 1985?
Who was the last survivor of Titanic who died in 2009?
What was the name of the 1958 movie about Titanic?
How many dogs survived on Titanic?
Out of the four smokestacks, how many were for show?
Were there plenty of lifejackets for all passengers?

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