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Can you name the films that won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design 1948-1969?

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1948 Black and White*Roger K. Fruse
1948 ColorDorothy Jeakins, Barbara Karinska
1949 BWEdith Head, Gile Steele
1949 CMarjorie Best, Leah Rhodes, William Travilla
1950 BW*Edith Head, Charles LeMaire
1950 CEdith Head, Charles LeMaire, Dorothy Jeakins, Elois Jenssen, Gile Steele, Gwen Wakeling
1951 BWEdith Head
1951 C*Orry-Kelly, Walter Plunkett, Irene Sharaff
1952 BWHelen Rose
1952 CMarcel Vertes
1953 BWEdith Head
1953 CCharles LeMaire, Emile Santiago
1954 BWEdith Head
1954 CSanzo Wada
1955 BWHelen Rose
1955 CCharles LeMaire
1956 BWJean Louis
1956 CIrene Sharaff
1957 Orry-Kelly
1958*Cecil Beaton
1959 BWOrry-Kelly
1959 C*Elizabeth Haffenden
1960 BWEdith Head, Edward Stevenson
1960 CArlington Valles, Bill Thomas
1961 BWPiero Gherardi
1961 C*Irene Sharaff
1962 BWNorma Koch
1962 CMary Wills
1963 BWPiero Gherardi
1963 CRenie Conley, Vittorio Nino Novarese, Irene Sharaff
1964 BWDorothy Jeakins
1964 C*Cecil Beaton
1965 BWJulie Harris
1965 CPhyllis Dalton
1966 BWIrene Sharaff
1966 C*Elizabeth Haffenden, Joan Bridge
1967 John Truscott
1968Danilo Donati
1969Margaret Fuse

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