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Spain wanted to extradite him for murders and torture, he claimed immunity. Held: not entitled to immunity, torture could not be seen as an official act. Crime so inhuman, under a
Formalistic conception of the rule of law - courts and public officials must justify their decisions. Police officers must give clear reasons for arresting someone.
Lady Hale: 'Democracy is the will of the people but the people may not will to invade those rights which are fundamental to democracy itself'.
A prisoner should be allowed access to a journalist for freedom of expression. 'The courts presume that even the most general words were intended to be subject to the basic rights
TV licence price increased, so many people paid early to avoid paying more. Home Office threatened to revoke licences to force people to pay the new price. Held: seeking to enforce
P's licence to give performances on Sunday subject to condition no children under 15. Held: unless decision so unreasonable cannot interfere unless authority has contravened law.
Illustrates all aspects of Dicey's rule of law. Secretary of state ordered 2 king's messengers to search for Entick, accused of sedition. Held: the plea of 'state necessity' was un
HL held that the normal right to remain silent was overridden by a requirement to disclose the name of the driver of a car in connection with a drink driving charge. 'The rule of l
Prisoner was refused reason why not given early release because they wanted to keep the identity of their source secret as to why he is a public danger. HL: Up to them to balance p
Milk price change refused. Held: if all prima facie reasons point towards one course of action and the Minister takes another without giving a reason, the Court may infer he has no
Treating homosexual couples the same as heterosexual couples. 'Each individual has equal value.' 'Living as husband and wife,' added in 'as if they were'.
Government department entitled to place a man's name on the sex offender's register without giving him a prior right to be heard. No right of privacy so legal rights not infringed.
Appellants damaged military equipment in order to obstruct war against Iraq, their defence was that they acted to prevent a crime (of aggression, a crime in international law). HL:
HL held that a prosecuting authority could discontinue a prosecution of alleged corruption involving members of the Saudi royal family on the grounds that had the investigation con
Secretaries of State can be found in contempt of court. Even the government has to obey the rules of the court.
Sought declaration that the Order was ultra vires. Access to courts = constitutional right.

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