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Forced Order
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Michael assigns Dwight to make an important decision for the office. Dwight is harsh and nosy, so Pam and Jim invent a variety of illnesses such as Count Choculitis.1
Dwight plays the roll of volunteer sheriff after finding half a joint in the parking lot leading to an investigation. 2
Jan holds a 'Women in the Workplace' seminar. Michael, feeling left out, takes the men to the warehouse to hold his own seminar.2
Michael encourages the office workers to support Kelly by attending a celebration for the Hindu Festival of Lights.3
Michael is in trouble for holding 'Movie Monday' at the office, so Angela encourages Dwight to make a play for Michael's job.3
Ryan returns to the Scranton branch with a plan to bring the company into the digital age with a new website. 4
Karen attempts to lure Stanley to the Utica branch, so Michael recruits Jim and Dwight in his retaliation efforts.4
The office workers fight amongst themselves to determine how to spend the extra money from the budget.5
Michael and Holly are reunited and put on a show for the company. The branches play in a volleyball tournament.5
Jim and Pam are stunned to discover that Michael is dating Pam's mother.6

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