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LyricSong TitleAlbum
'I hear them whispering, they're trying to ride it out. They've never gone this long without a kill before.'Continuum
'Now I'm not trying to steal no love away from no one man.'Born and Raised
'Should've turned around and left before the sun came up again; but the sun came up again.'Battle Studies
'Yet I'm so good at forgetting; I quit every game I play.'Room for Squares
'Got a mom, got a dad, but they do not have each other.'Born and Raised
'And if you might find that your running is done, a little bit of heaven never hurt no one.'Paradise Valley
'I sleep with this new girl I'm still getting used to; my friends all approve, say: 'she's gonna be good for you.''Inside Wants Out
'Wanna see the endgame, wanna learn a last name.'Heavier Things
'Falling asleep to the sound of silence.'Heavier Things
'And when I look behind on all my younger times, I'll have to thank the wrongs that led me to a love so strong.'Battle Studies
'When you gonna wise up, boy?'Born and Raised
'Remember me, I'm the boy you used to love when you were fifteen.'Paradise Valley
'Twice as much ain't twice as good, and can't sustain like one half could.'Continuum
'Yes I'm grounded, got my wings clipped, I'm surrounded by all this pavement'Heavier Things
'Don't be scared to walk alone, don't be scared to like it.'Born and Raised
'You look fine, fine, fine, put your feet up next to mine, and we can watch that water line get higher and higher.'Paradise Valley
'Didn't have a camera by side this time, hoping I would see the world through both my eyes.'Room for Squares
'Looking for the song that Neil Young hung after the gold rush of 1971.'Born and Raised
'Your phone was really broken, I tried your number twice.'Heavier Things
'Go cry about it, why don't you?'Continuum
'But once happy turquoise armies lay opposite ready, but wonder why the fight is on.'Continuum
'When you show me love, I don't need your words.'Born and Raised
'I'm tired of being alone, so hurry up and get in.'Room for Squares
'I am an architect of days that haven't happened yet.'Born and Raised
LyricSong TitleAlbum
'Back in Paris you told me you were suicidal.'Paradise Valley
'You take your sweaters, you take your time.'Continuum
'I'm a little lost at sea, I'm a little birdie in a big old tree.'Paradise Valley
'Maybe when things turn green again, it will be good to say you know me.'Continuum
'I love you more than songs can say.'Battle Studies
'I believe that my life's gonna see the love I give returned to me.'Heavier Things
'Don't hold your love over my head.'Heavier Things
'Fool me once and shame on you, twice and shame on me.'Born and Raised
'There's a hard ticket train on the way, waiting to take you away.'Paradise Valley
'You can run, you can run, tell my friend Willie Brown.'Battle Studies
'I don't think I'm gonna go to LA anymore.'Unreleased (though performed in Where the Light Is: Live in Los Angeles)
'One mile to every inch of, your skin like porcelain.'Room for Squares
'One day our generation is gonna rule the population.'Continuum
'When you'll take my side in every little fire fight, when you'll hang your things and stay.'Paradise Valley
'Dreamed somebody missed me, wake up shake it off and repeat and, repeat and, repeat after me.'Born and Raised
'I was made to believe I'd never love somebody else.'Battle Studies
'No she's not, 'cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.'Continuum
'And for once in his life it was quiet, as he learned how to turn with the tide.'Born and Raised
'Hand me down my coat and hat, grab the winter one at that, you never know how long I'll be away.'Paradise Valley
'Oh, it's another social casualty, score one more for me.'Room for Squares
'No one wants to be alone at Christmastime.'Room for Squares
'No, I'm not colorblind, I know the world is black and white.'Continuum
'I'm a good man, with a good heart, had a tough time, had a rough start.'Born and Raised
'When autumn comes, it doesn't ask. It just walks in where it left you last.'Heavier Things
LyricSong TitleAlbum
'And these days, I wish I was six again... Make me a red cape, I wanna be Superman.'Room for Squares
'A trail of ruby red and diamond white hits her like a sunrise.'Room for Squares
'A feather in my hand, a flower in your hair.'Battle Studies
'So the good boys and girls take the so-called right track, faded white hats, grab the credits and maybe transfers, they read all the books but they can't find the answers.'Room for Squares
'And I wonder sometimes about the outcome of a still verdictless life.'Room for Squares
'Lightning struck inside my chest to keep me up at night.'Battle Studies
'You can't make yourself stop dreaming who you're dreaming of.'Paradise Valley
'Anything other than yes is no, anything other than stay is go, anything less than I love you is lying.'Battle Studies
'What puts a folded flag inside his mother's hand?'Continuum
'Two wrongs make it all alright tonight.'Heavier Things
'And look at the stars, don't they remind you just how feeble we are?'Heavier Things
'I've got a hammer and a heart of glass, and I gotta know right now which walls to smash.'Battle Studies
'Ain't no change in the weather, ain't no change in me.'Paradise Valley
'And I will wait to find if this will last forever.'Heavier Things
'There, I just said it, I'm scared you'll forget about me.'Battle Studies
'Fear is a friend who's misunderstood.'Continuum
'Hold onto whatever you find, baby, hold onto whatever will get you through.'Continuum
'And I, in time, will come around, I always do for you.'Room for Squares
'Show me something I can be, play a song that I can sing, make me feel as I am free.'Born and Raised
'Walking like a one-man army, fighting with the shadows in your head.'Single
'You're like twenty-two girls in one, and none of them know what they're running from.'Paradise Valley
'Scared of a world outside, you should go explore.'Room for Squares
'I don't remember you looking any better. But then again, I don't remember you.'Battle Studies
'Girls become lovers, who turn into mothers.'Heavier Things

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